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5 Reasons, Why Web SSO is Gaining Popularity

  The single sign-on is a not a new solution but is gaining popularity from last few years. It eases the complex authentication system by allowing users to access multiple resources of the same organization using the same set of credentials for all. The solution comes with numbers of benefits. The article will explain 5… Continue reading 5 Reasons, Why Web SSO is Gaining Popularity


As we are well aware of the fact that no business and social transaction can move forward without people.  And these people are known by their identities. So we can say these identities are the lifeline of the online businesses today. However, digital identity of a person is not limited to a single attribute such… Continue reading


3 corner-stones of an IAM Road-map!

With the digital advancement, technology has become an important factor of corporate success. Technology has blessed us in so many ways and gave so many ways to manage access to different resources for improved security. Due to this advanced technology, today we are having creative and intuitive IAM services that makes it easy for businesses… Continue reading 3 corner-stones of an IAM Road-map!


Technologies That Help Businesses In Growing

There was not ever such a tough competition among businesses as it is today. We cannot clearly state that the internet is the main reason why businesses are head to head with each other. They know what are their competitors are doing and what they need to know to overtake them. IT has become the… Continue reading Technologies That Help Businesses In Growing


Some question to ask about Two Factor Authentication!

With the continuous advancement in technology, Two factor authentication has become a common phenomenon among the businesses. A number of businesses are making two factor authentication a compulsory add on along with the service they proffer. But a majority of people don’t fully understand the concept of 2FA. That’s the reason they don’t bother to… Continue reading Some question to ask about Two Factor Authentication!


What’s there in the core of an IAM solution!

Without a digital identity, there is no existence of us in present era. We live and breath in the sphere of identity management solutions and make assumptions that everyone know the basic fundamentals of this. But it is not always true. There are people who don’t understand what’s there in deepest core of an Identity… Continue reading What’s there in the core of an IAM solution!

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Basic Single Sign-On Requirements

Complex passwords and long authentication processes are tough on users. Since most of the online systems demand separate usernames and passwords in order to complete the authentication, users end up with dozens of passwords to remember. That directly leads to productivity drain. The web single sign-on solution, in short, WSSO is a way of authenticating… Continue reading Basic Single Sign-On Requirements