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3 Blunder Mistakes Committed By HR Recruiters

Recruiters can either make or break a company. Surprised! Right? Well, you know the concept that recruiters can make a company but you might be thinking how they are responsible for breaking a company. Well, your worries are natural. Let me explain, how they are equally responsible for degrading company’s brand value. The article will explain what are the common mistakes that recruiters are committing and what are the ways to avoid them.

Mistakes #1 : Not posting job effectively

I see many advertisements regarding job which is incomplete in terms of information. The posted job lacks job profile, working location and a lot more. So, it doesn’t attract me more. The same is the case with many recruiters. They simply post jobs on several job portal websites but they forget to add required related information.  As a recruiter, you should know what is the first thing a job seeker looks into the job posting (job title). Take care of small things like this. Add as much information you can to drive more applicants.

Mistake #2 : Hiring without analyzing

This is one of the most common and blunder mistakes committed by recruiters. Based only on the interview, they tend to hire candidates. They even don’t analyze applicants behavior. A smart recruiter analyzes candidates through culture fit assessment tool. The tool let allows them to get complete insights of the candidates.

Mistakes #3 : Lack of communication

Communication is very important. For successful recruitment, communication between recruiter and applicants at every stage is very crucial. But many recruiters missed updating the status of applicants. They don’t aware that this is a very important step in recruiting. Candidates should have to be informed about each and every stage of their recruitment process. Even if they are not hired, it is a responsibility of HR recruiter to provide necessary feedbacks to them.

It is also recommended recruiters to look at the capabilities, skills, and knowledge of the candidate and don’t on just experience and fancy degrees.

These are some of the most common mistakes that recruiters have to avoid while recruiting candidates. Suggestions are welcomed in the comment box.


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