Why websites ask for your phone number and why you should give it?

So are you excited to try your new app for the first time? But are you frustrated because you can’t register to it without providing your phone number? After all why they are asking for it?


The last thing that you might up ending thinking is that the website is asking for your phone number for some malicious purpose. Since your phone number is an advantage and is associated with your private information, you hesitate to provide it. But the fact is that companies are actually using these phone numbers to keep your information safe and secure.

A phone number is the backbone behind the secure mechanism of Two factor authentication which helps in confirming an identity when a suspicious attempt is made to gain your account access. To implement 2FA, end user’s unique mobile number is mandatory in place of an email ID or a security question. Where an email id is so easy to hack and a security question is easily solved, a phone number is relatively difficult to use and access. Apart from this, a phone stays with you longer than an email Id and no matter what phone carrier you use or where you live it never changes.

How my phone number is used in two factor authentication?

It can be understood with an example of your password reset request. When you request for password reset, a one time password is generated and delivered to their registered mobile numbers via SMS, voice or Push notifications. This OTP is delivered to verify that you are the same person requesting for the password reset request. Here the OTP is the second form of authentication here (first is your user credentials). When you enter the OTP and are able to complete your password resetting, the process is known as Two factor authentication.

So you can see it’s a very quick and easy way for organizations to ensure that your personal information is secure and is out of the hands of cyber criminals.

Now the question comes what points one should consider when providing phone number to a website:

  • See if the website or app has bad reviews and low ratings.
  • Do an additional research if you notice only a few hundred downloads


Well there is no confusion that these companies are using your phone numbers for your security. And once they get your number,  it’ll remain with your account until you delete the account.


Undoubtedly, it’s an increasingly dangerous online world today, so an extra layer of security is always recommendable.



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