3 corner-stones of an IAM Road-map!

With the digital advancement, technology has become an important factor of corporate success. Technology has blessed us in so many ways and gave so many ways to manage access to different resources for improved security. Due to this advanced technology, today we are having creative and intuitive IAM services that makes it easy for businesses to distribute the access in a safe and secure manner.


When a company incorporates a robust IAM platform into its strategy, It becomes really easy to achieve higher productivity. But first companies need to understand what exactly it is. Let’s understand the concept:

No doubt, it is pretty much difficult to build an effective IAM roadmap for an organization. Without real world knowledge of IAM design and development, one can not fully understand the concept. Real world IAM experience is invaluable here. By making use of internal and external resources with hands on experience, one can easily deploy an IAM solution

Here are some areas that need thoughtful consideration while creating an IAM roadmap:

Usability:  Under usability there are the options for password management, an easy to use access request interface and services like Single sign on that minimizes the number of times a user need to login. An easy to use system interface encourage customer happiness and your system’s usability also which in return appears in your organization’s revenue.

Security : There are definitely some internal resources in your organization that require some stronger layer of authentication like adaptive or multi factor authentication. There are some resources that have limited access and only people having the right permissions can access it. So while developing an IAM roadmap this point surely needs an attention.

Cost : Cost is definitely a major factor that organizations consider while including or excluding a new technique in their ongoing strategies. If your organization is not majorly into development of software and platforms then it is always advisable to get it from outside. AN IAM platform is also like this. There are lot’s of companies outsides who deals with the management of these customer identities and delivers a secure platform depending upon your requirements.

Identity and access management platform is for sure not a piece of puzzle, It interferes with almost everything inside a company. It balances your workflow, combines users for a common experience and most importantly it breaks the barriers that keep people from working together and encourages innovation and future focused thinking. It can be considered as a foundation on which a secure and successful business is built.


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