Some question to ask about Two Factor Authentication!


With the continuous advancement in technology, Two factor authentication has become a common phenomenon among the businesses. A number of businesses are making two factor authentication a compulsory add on along with the service they proffer. But a majority of people don’t fully understand the concept of 2FA. That’s the reason they don’t bother to turn it on and protect their accounts with this duo security. To help people understand this concept and to make internet a safe globe for all, here are some most frequently asked questions about two factor authentication, let’s have a look:

What exactly you mean by Two factor authentication ?

Two factor authentication works as an additional layer of protection other than your password. Activation of 2FA can significantly decrease the risk of intrusion from a hacker. With 2FA enabled on your device you can prevent any unwanted access since in 2FA you have to combine your password that you already to a secondary factor.

Is two step verification same as Two factor authentication?

Yes it is. There are several names for this security feature. Two factor authentication (2FA), Two-step authentication, two step verification or Multi Factor authentication offer somehow the same feature of security.

How does 2FA work?

The common work flow of 2FA is simple. It basically asks for something you know(a password) in combination with something you have (a phone number). The workflow is as follows:

  • You visit the site and simply enter your credentials to access your account.
  • If you enabled 2FA there, a random code is sent to your registered phone number/ email Id via a call/SMS/Link. At the same time, you will see a secondary login screen asking for that code.
  • Simply enter the code that is sent on your phone to this prompted login screen.
  • Now the account provider confirms the code and if it matches to the code sent on your phone- bang, you are verified and able to access your account.

What if I lose my Phone ?

In case of phone theft, you should immediately contact your mobile phone carrier to lock access to the device. Additional you can also turn on your internal phone lock setting to prevent your phone from unwanted access at a place where it is left or stolen.

Do I really need 2FA?

Cybercrime is a big business today. Everyday data breaches are making headlines and a major reason behind these cyber crimes is the stolen password. So you can see traditional password based security has become outdated. Hence definitely there is a need of modern authentication methods to protect your accounts and two factor authentication is one of those methods.



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