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Why noopener and noreferrer tags appearing on my outbound links?


SEO is a factor which no one wants to compromise with. SEO helps in increasing ranking on search engines as well as in driving organic traffic to a website. SEO is a lengthy process which consumes time, money and resources to reach to positive results; that’s one of the reason, anything compromising SEO is a risk.

Apparently noopener noreferrer tags became a trending topic among web development community. The main concern which made it trending was how noopener noreferrer tags are affecting seo and is there any solution to it

Well the answer is No.
Let me explain both the tags in detail.

What is noopener?

Noopener is used as rel=”noopener” in a URL as a tag. It basically disowns its opener when a link is opened in new tab.

This means that it won’t disclose the link from where it has been opened, when opening a new link in new tab.

What is noreferrer?

Noreferrer is used as rel=”noreferrer ” in a URL as a tag. Itis a new link type added in HTML5 which hides the source of the traffic going from the website.

It basically stops the browser from sending an HTTP referrer header if the user follows the hyperlink. Stopping HTTP header stops certain crucial information to transfer which following a link.
How does it not affect SEO?

It does not affect SEO as the tag deals with security aspect of a link but not the SEO part. It comes into action when we don’t want referrer information such as os, region to get pass along with the link.
Why they are appearing with my outbound links?

They are appearing only on those links which are outbound and are opening in a new tab. They are appearing only on wordpress websites and blogs.  They are added by default by wordpress to increase security of the website.

So there is no issue with noopener and noreferrer tags. They are just to increase security on the website.


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