How to speed up WordPress like a pro


Website speed matters alot. A fast loading website attracts traffic but a slow website makes visitors angry. Slow website can be considered as a traffic killer which gradually kills your traffic and benefit your competitor.

WordPress being a widely used CMS also faces this problem. It is compact as well as user friendly cms but when it comes to speed, it needs optimization too.

Let’s look at some of the tips on how to speed up wordpress.

In order to speed up your WordPress site you have to determine what is causing your website to slow down.   

Without knowing what’s slowing down, you cannot optimize it.

Let’s start with analyzing the speed. Speed can be checked using different online tools like google page speed checker, GT metrix, pingdom tools etc. these tools are proficient enough to determine different website  elements  factor which are slowing down.

Along with that, they also provide suggestions which can improve website speed metric.
Minifying your CSS and HTML in order to decrease its size. In WordPress it is not easy to minify HTML and CSS because everything is compact in php codes. Compressing HTML and CSS decreases their size and increases their transferring speed.

To compress these files you can use Autoptimize plugin which compress them without breaking theme and functionality.

Along with that you should also enable compression on your server which further helps in compressing the files.

Use a CDN to improve content delivery. Content is the first factor which consumes time. If content delivery can be accelerated or outsourced, it can greatly help in increasing website speed.

CDN caches all the static content on the website expect images and host it on its on servers.  So whenever website is opened, CDN hosted content is served from nearest location to the requesting device and dynamic content is loaded from original server where site is hosted.

It helps a lot in increasing website speed.

These are some tips to increase WordPress sped like a pro.


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