5 Best free and open source project management tools!

At one point or another in your daily schedules, you must be feeling really frustrating with your over-flooded to-do-lists or spreadsheets. You must be in search of some alternate option able to manage all your work related tasks automatically. Large businesses who have remote teams to work together face lots of troubles in absence of these robust project management software. So to help them in their hunt, I prepared a list of free and vigorous task management tools for their convenience. Let’s have a look!


Zoho Projects !

With Zoho projects, you can link as many users as you want to have but there is a limitation of 10 mb space (only in the free version). For more space and functionality scope, you have to upgrade your Zoho membership plan with a fee of $25/month. This software has Gantt chart options which allows users to set complicated tasks and targets.


GanttProject !

It is an open source free project management and scheduling tool that offers great features and flexibility. With the help of this tool, one is able to generate Gantt and PERT charts, can generate reports in PDF and HTML formats and can quickly create a structural schedule for any project.  But one might find it overwhelming if he or she is not familiar with the project management software.


Asana !

Asana is one of most popular project management software which is free for up to 15 users. It is an intuitive project planning software which is the best option for the teams who seek for a real time interaction. It gives it’s users the authority to prioritize their tasks, to track their time and to visualize their goals.


OrangeScrum !

It is an locally hosted free project management tool for big IT teams. It’s on- premise version cost is $0 and if you want a cloud version then the price starts at $9/month. It is completely customizable and you can give this PM software any look you want. Users can look at their projects in a Kanban view, Gantt charts and  task status groups. In its free version it also let’s its users to integrate with the Google Drive and DropBox.


FreedCamp !

Unlimited storage, unlimited users, unlimited functions, amazing design and what else you can ask from a tool. Here Administrators can limit permissions assigned to different users. FreedCamp never leave their users behind and send notifications whenever a new update shows up. It also has a mobile responsive website along with its separate IOS app.


So these are my all time favorite tools that provide a lot of ease to organizations in terms of project management. Try them on you own and drop a comment for the suggestions.


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