Some test cases to consider in GUI testing!

User Interface!

In the field of computer science, we often discuss about User Interface. So what exactly an User Interface is?

User interface as the name says is an interface that an application shows to its users through which they interact with the system. There are two types of interfaces. One is command line interface and other is Graphical user interface. In CLI, you type some text into the terminal and then your system respond to that. While in GUI, you interact with the system using mouse and keyboard and manipulate visual elements of the screen instead of text.

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Today is the time of visuals and people prefer GUI’s over command lines. Hence it is mandatory for every application to go through a session of complete GUI testing.

Graphical user interface testing is carried out to ensure that all the functions in your app are working right, it follows all the written specification mentioned and to identify the defects and errors. Here are some test cases to keep in mind while performing GUI testing!


Font type and size!

Make sure that all the fonts on your screen are of same size and belong to the same family. Verify all the headings and subheadings also.


Colors !

Don’t be too much inconsistent with your color palettes. Follow a single theme with a light background for your application. Differentiate your hyperlinks, buttons and other body text with the variation in font colors.


Required Fields !

Always mention an asterisk(*) before a required field.


Data Type Errors!

Make sure that right type of data is provided for different input fields like date, age, weight etc.


Field width !

If there is only certain number of characters are permitted and the data should not exceed the number of characters provided then make sure you have provide proper instructions for that.

Enable progress bars!

If there is lots of processing on a certain page, then don’t let your visitors simply wait for nothing. Show them a progress bar to let them get a hold on their patience.


Descriptive Error messages !

Your error message should be informative and should explain what things are required not to make a particular mistake again and again.

So these are some of the things that should be considered while performing a complete GUI testing of your overall system.



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