4 project management tools a marketer should have!

Automation tools are the life savior of a marketer. Without these tools, they have to do everything manually and have to track everything manually which is obviously not feasible in current market scenarios. Marketers in an organization is the team who has to collaborate with all the other teams that includes developers, project managers and even the accounting folks. A lot of time and energy is wasted in such communication and after that they have to keep a track of all the information they get from all other departments which is if done manually can be too complex, hence need of some project management tools becomes obvious there.

There are several online project management tools in the market that can do the task for you. And here is a list of some of those tools, please have a look!


Asana !

Well today Asana needs no introduction when it comes to project management apps. The prime reason of this app is that it comes in both versions mobile and desktop plus your team members can access it from anywhere virtually. Asana is the only app that put tasks and conversations together and it also has a very organized pattern in which you can search an information by its due date, assignees and more.


Central Desktop !

Central Desktop, recently owned by PGi, is a trademark in the crowd of project management tools for both small agencies and marketing teams. It has a single unified location for all your files, calendars, conversations and project plans. So here you can find everything at one place only.


SmartSheet !

Smartsheets are the enhanced version of your spreadsheets where you can set up tasks, due dates and can even upload files. They offer a range of templates for different purpose from project launch to some event planning. You are also free to create your own template.


BaseCamp !

BaseCamp is an another tool that provides a centralized solution to manage all your tasks related a project. It is the most user-friendly tool and offers a very flexible format. People love to work with BaseCamp.

So these are the tools that can save a marketing person from a big headache.


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