Free Online tools to build your online resume!

In this big world there are a lot of things that we can achieve. Each human on this planet has some quality and there is no doubt that he or she is perfect in some business that he/she has a specialization for. And to be speaking of facts, you cannot escape yourself from writing down those specialization on a piece of paper that is your resume. In today’s competitive job market, a resume has become the must have thing for all of us to give us an edge over the others for the qualities that we own.


And creating a resume requires a lot of things to decide like what points are required to be written and what are those skills that last a good impression at the time of your interview. Well you just keep an outline in your mind and feed them in so many online tools that are available for your resume building.

Have a look at these amazing visual resume building tools available online!

VisualCV :

This is an amazing online tool for the creation of resume that immediately strikes the vision of the person who is reading your CV. This is a visual CV creator which is obviously more attractive. Visual CV shows of your creativity which is a plus point if you are applying for a creative job like graphic designer.

Resumonk :

Resumonk is your helping hand if you don’t know anything about building a resume. It comes with an extremely easy interface where you can make an extraordinary resume with great ease.


LiveCareer is the next online resume building tool efficient enough to develop professional resume. This tool is filled with templates and has the most effective user friendly nature among many. Here with LiveCareer you can give your resume the best possible design that can attract the eyes of many and can awarded you the job that you ever wanted.

How to write a Resume!

Well this is not a tool but a literal encyclopedia distributing the knowledge that why and How a resume should be written. Here you will get the best tips to create a resume that one needs to present in front of your recruiter.


So these 4 online tools are enough to get you started on creating a rock solid resume to kick start your career.



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