Some Ways To Keep Mobile Device Secure


Mobile phones have changed the way we live our life. They make our world highly connected. There are millions of applications that make our work easy and quick and each day thousands of apps are adding into the list. Although they very helpful but they bring lots of security issues with them. There are data thieves everywhere who don’t miss a single chance of breaching data. Therefore, it is must to keep users data secure from the hands of cyber attackers. The article will explain some of the effective methods.

Geofencing: It is a great and very effective method that helps in keeping mobile applications secure. In this solution, a virtual boundary is set up over a real geographical region of the mobile. It can enable/disable the services, features, permissions and lots more of applications that are specifically defined for a specific geographical region. It provides 24/7 protection without the need for monitoring.

Mobile Single Sign-On (MSSO): Login to multiple mobile applications using one set of credentials is a great idea. The mobile single sign-on solution is one such method that allows users to access multiple mobile applications of the same business using one password. It speeds up the authentication process because users have to enter their credentials once.

The another important feature of MSSO is, all the credentials are stored and managed by a central server and not by the server that is accessed by the users. Thus, it is very easy to control authentication process.

Mobile device management: MDM solution is a very effective way of managing enterprises authentication process, identity management, policy enforcement etc. The solution is very smart, it can delete, erase data even if the mobile phone has been lost or stolen. It ensures employees and users productivity and saves cooperate from breaches. It also reduces the support cost.

These are some of the effective methods that enterprises are using to ensure the security of their customers data and credentials. Implement the solutions and protect your customers data. If you have any other method, please mention it in the comment box.


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