3 tools that let your children learn how to code!

Over the course of past few years, we have seen so much growth in the world of technology that the accessibility of most of the materials aimed at technology. This led an emerging interest to learn coding. Even the children of all ages are now understanding a little concept of programming from the initial years of their upbringing. Schools and High schools have become strict on their schedules and have included coding learning as a mandatory thing. This has come so far that children of all ages are now understanding the building blocks of computing. There are many sources that encourage this kind of learning- online tutorials are obviously one of the ways but to make it easier for children, toy companies are coming forward and developing such toys that are helpful in this kind of education.


Here are 5 such toys, let’s have a look!

Sphero SPRK+ :

Although, Sephora is best known for developing remote-controlled BB8 of Star Wars but they also develop a brilliant range of educational toys. Sphero SPRK+ is one such example of this which uses a block based coding system and a connected app that makes this toy to do the things like navigating through a maze, swimming across water or even imitating the solar system.


LEGO Mindstorms EV3 :

Lego is getting cooler day be day. Now the building blocks producers have added a mixture of programming and robots with the Mindstorms EV3. This robot toy is the creation of LEGO creators but unlike the traditional lego, it allows programming.



Lightbot is an app that helps a user to learn how to solve problems using programming. This app is really a good source of learning for beginners or for younger children who have a little knowledge of coding. This app basically comes into two formats : junior coding puzzles for children aged between 4-8 and programming puzzles for kids over the age of 9.


Think and learn Code-A-Pillar :

Fisher price is the brain behind this game. He has created a toy that is dedicated to help the very young to learn to code. This game is for a child 3 – 6 year old and reacts differently when its segments are rearranged.


So if you already thought of making your child the next Steve Jobs, buy them one of these can be really helpful for their upbringing.  



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