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3 sign up form best practices to design a website form that convert!

For a marketer, it is mandatory to understand their prospects well. Who are they, how they behave and what they prefer the most, are the basic preliminaries of a marketer. Directing a visitor to your sign-up button and asking them to register is not that easy as we think. Between a successful registration and their Thank you page, there lies so many possibilities which causes businesses to lose a huge number of potential customers. And most of these possibilities are related to their sign up page.


Basically a signup form is a short form which features an attractive headline, few fields and a call to action. But just because most of the sign up forms are designed this way, it is not necessary that it is the right way. Creating a best sign up form requires lots of research and it is much more than just eliminating distractions and reducing number of fields. Here are some tips and tricks to design best sign up forms. Let’s have a look!

Craft a benefit- oriented headline!

When a visitor arrives at your signup page, in most of the cases he’ve already evaluated your services and made a decision about it. But it doesn’t mean that you should not remind them what you are for at the time of registration. You should always include a social proof stuffed headline to convince your visitors enough to sign up.

Drop all the optional information!

This tip is not to ensure that your visitors complete their sign ups but it is to focus upon choosing the right fields in a form. If you add a field in your form that is less required you can simply overlook that and not including it in your form is I guess no harm for you. The less work they feel not to do, the better they will respond.

If you absolutely need that information ask it in steps!

Well sometimes, you need to ask so many questions to register a new user. Mostly this happens in the cases where an instant payment is necessitate and you want lots of information to capture sensitive information like billing address and credit card number. In such cases breaking a signup form into multiple steps is a good option.

A multi page sign up form is good because it less overwhelms a user and with more pages comes more space for bigger fonts and descriptive labels.

So these are some of the required things to always consider while creating a lead converting sign up form. Let me know what you think about them.





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