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Quick Marketing tips to help you grow your business on Instagram!

Instagram with its 700 million active users/month has proved its worth as a social media network that is capable to reach potential customers around the globe. Instagram has become an incredible powerful platform for marketers who want to promote visual content. But only installation of this app will not do wonder, you need to increase your following on a steady and consistent basis to improve your Instagram marketing. After all in the end the people who follow you decide the success of your business. So in order to get you started on Instagram, here are some of my tips to follow!


Take advantage of free Instagram tools!

Instagram has just started the business profiles which is exactly the mirrored Facebook business profiles which are a complete package with a triggered call to action and allows users to email, text or call the businesses directly.

Along with this, it offers you deep insights that will make you able to understand how your users are interacting with your content and what adjustments you need to make your engagements.


Cross promote your Instagram Posts!

The best way to increase your follower count is to spread your Instagram posts all over the social media platforms. Instead of posting them to different networks, you can direct them from your Instagram profile and can grab the attention of your audience who are already in love your brand.


Don’t overwhelm your audience with over-posting!

Although showcasing your products is the essence of Instagram but sometime your frequently posting on Instagram and they end up unfollowing you because they feel that you are constantly throwing at their face.


Repost contents from other accounts!

If you are finding it difficult to always come up with an appealing content to your audience, don’t worry you are always allow to re-purpose content from other relevant accounts. But make sure you offer enough credits to the owner of the post.

So these are some of the healthy habits to adopt for a successful Instagram marketing campaign. Implement them and let me know your opinions via comments below.










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