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What Are You Doing To Protect Customers Data And Privacy

Whenever a customer provides you his private information to complete a request, transaction, or other application, you owe him privacy and protection. If the data or private information of the customer is leaked, no matter inadvertently or personally, you could be held liable. This raises a question- what are you doing to protect your customers data safe?

Businesses are facing lots of troubles in keeping users data safe from the hands of cyber criminals. They are present everywhere to hack accounts and steal data. There are lots of ways through which businesses can tighten their security systems but not all are effective. The article will explain some of the best ways to protect users data from hackers.

Secure your point of sale: To ensure security, business are replacing magnetic stripe cards with EMV chip cards. The technology improves the security surrounding point of transactions.

Whether you are using the card for a transaction or not, you have to give your best in terms of securing point of sale because this is the preferred point of entry for hackers.

Implement two-factor authentication: Which door is safer, one that is protected with the double lock a door with a single lock? Definitely, the door with double lock. The same is for data protection.

There is a solution named two-factor authentication which helps in protecting data by adding two different layers of protection. The first layer is usual username and password and the second factor is something you have (otp in mobile phones) or something you are (fingerprint).

Getting access to the systems that are protected with 2FA is almost impossible.

Use a dedicated server: Perhaps not using a dedicated server is one of the greatest mistakes that businesses are doing. Using a shared server to host files is no doubt cheap and convenient but from the security point of view, it is not good.

So, it is critically important for businesses to leave shared server and adopt a dedicated server to store their files.

These are some of the effective ways to protect customers data and privacy from external threats. If you have any doubt and question, mention them in the comment box.


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