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Reasons To Have Single Sign-On

Many organizations are asking themselves the question why they need to implement the single sign-on solution? Well, to the answer, let me ask you some questions first. Is your business has more than one application that requires users to login? Whether the application is web-based?

For both the questions, if your answer is no, relax, you don’t need a single sign-on solution. But if your answer is yes, then the solution is beneficial for your organization.

The solution allows users to login multiple accounts by providing only single username and password. By login to any of the resource user can login to any of the application of a business with one credential. It will improve users experience and also save their time of web authentication.

Here I am going to explain some of the reasons why your business must have the SSO solution.

Improves experience: The productivity depends on how you utilize your labor force and how efficient is your operation. Entering usernames and passwords each time to login several applications is time wasting and frustrating job. It also leads to password fatigue.

The solution will sort out this problem and increase productivity by reducing the level of stress.

Reduce support cost:  It is one of the most important reasons why businesses should invest money on SSO solution. Businesses have to invest a huge part of the money on support help desk calls that are related to password loss. That means businesses have to spend lots of dollars in resetting passwords. With one password the chances of password loss are minimum and it results in fewer support calls.

Improves security: Security, one of the important pillars in building a business. The SSO solution is SAML (security assertion markup language). And the SAML solution protected with XML. Breaking the resources that are protected with SSO solution.

Friends, these are some of the reasons why SSO is gaining popularity and businesses are investing money on SSO.


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