Killer options for every webmaster to make most out of their traffic on their blog


Traffic is necessary for a blogger. Some are blessed with load amount of traffic and some face scarcity. Although low traffic can be fought and increased but to effectively use traffic is quite a hack.

In this post we will discuss some of the tips which can help you effectively utilize your existing website traffic.
One of the best way to utilize traffic is by utilizing it to push it on social media, directly and indirectly.

Pushing traffic can be done as follows:

  • Allow sharing of content on social media: By allowing sharing on social media helps content to reach beyond existing reach. On social media there are various kind of users, some related to your niche and some are distant. When someone shares your content on social media, it is visible to its visitors. Every share starts a chain of further sharing and influencing. To encourage sharing, use  social sharing on your blog.

  • Encourage visitors to visit social media page and participate: Create a banner featuring latest social media campaign running on your page and include it on your homepage or in between content.  
  • Engage using social media: Now engaging on blogs is possible. Social comment box allows commenting through social media profiles. The activity is visible on social media also.

Another way of utilizing website traffic is by monetizing it.

Existing traffic can be used to make money. There are several platforms which provides desktop as well as mobile ads for websites. Some of the biggest ad providers are google’s adsense, VigLink, infolinks, amazon’s native ads .

If your website has good amount of traffic, you can apply for getting ads.

Alternatively, affiliate marketing is one of the best methods to make money out of traffic. Amazon, clickbank etc provides

Affiliate marketing is beneficial for bloggers who are into a specific niche like fashion, health and travel.

These were some of the tips which can help you make most out of your website traffic.


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