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How to reduce your bounce rate and improve conversions

Bounce rate, which is the most misunderstood concept can affect your website performance very badly. In simplest words it is the number of visits in which a person leaves a website from the landing page only without browsing any further. Important thing to note here is that bounce rate is nowhere related to the time spent on a single webpage or website which is a matter of confusion among marketers and webmasters.


Bounce rate in another way is a powerful metric that measures the quality of web traffic that’s why it becomes more essential to focus upon high bounce rate. A high bounce rate directly means that your entrance pages are not impressive enough for your visitors which is certainly not a good sign. So what one can do to keep a hold on this growing bounce rate?

Here are some tips for the purpose, let’s have a look!


Optimize your page load time!

Most of the marketers assume that if the bounce rate is high, the reason might lie in the page content but sometimes the reason can be more serious like its load time. If a page takes too much time to appear, it simply irritates visitors and without waiting for long they leave the website. No matter how good or valuable your web content is, if it doesn’t appear in less than one or two seconds, it has no impact on visitors. So optimize your page load time and reduce your bounce rate.


Improve your overall user experience !

User experience decides the overall feeling of a user when they are interacting with a website. A good user experience is when a user finds your website not only easy to use but also pleasing. And to provide this kind of experience many factors are responsible like easy navigation, easy registration and many other things. Suppose you have a big registration page with lots of information fields, just at the entrance of your website, will it attract your visitors?

NO!! Your registration process must be very smooth in order to improve your bounce rate. A

sign up form with three or fields are the standard format for a better user experience.


Make your website mobile usable!

In the time of mobiles, being mobile friendly is essential more than anything not just in terms of design but your web page should be easily accessible on your mobile device. When it doesn’t fit on your mobile screen, It is natural to see a big hike in your bounce rate since most of the times people access a website on their smartphones and if they don’t find it easy to use there they simply leave it.


So these are some key notes to keep in mind. Let me know if you like them in the comments below.


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