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Quick ways to become a better programmer!


Do you own the expertise in programming? Can you call yourself a master coder? If no, then it’s time to hone your programming skills. Let’s do it!

Becoming a skillful programmer means developing experience across a range of development tasks which includes algorithms, data structure, OOPS and many other technologies. So you can see it’s not an easy goal to achieve and too many people out there aims to be a better developer without any sense of how to get there. Hence here are some actionable guidelines that can be your flowchart of becoming a good coder.

Let’s have a look!

Write more code!

Good programmer writes a software that works but the great ones write a software that performs exceedingly well. And that excellent piece of software develops not at the first try, you have to re write it again and again, at least three times. Reason is when you write more code, you get to know your shortcomings and improve them. So write more code and find out your common errors and work accordingly.


Read Books !

There are so many accomplished authors out in the world who themselves are established programmers in the industry. They represent their experience in form of books and represent excellent examples of executable codes. So read as much books as you can and recognize what mistakes you are doing in your own code.


Stay active in the open source community !

Open source communities are the best place to learn coding. Here you can involve yourself in meaningful discussions between programmers around some critical problems. At these open source forums, you can find many complex coding puzzles to solve, can interact with some senior developers and can learn from their experiences.


Dedicate time to practice !

This is I guess the most essential one. Without practice you can’t be a good programmer. SO dedicate a fix amount of time to practice data structure, algorithms and design related problems. This iteratively enhance your skills and you naturally become a better programmer.

So these are the stepping stones to be a good programmer. Let me know what you think about them in the comments below.



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