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Importance of Single Sign-On Experience for SaaS Applications

The adoption rate of Software as a Service (SaaS) has been remarkable from last few years. Many organizations adopted “SaaS” as their first option.


Adopting SaaS is a good decision but there are lots of challenges associated with it. One of the major challenges is having multiple accounts. Multiple accounts lead to create multiple passwords. For enterprises, synchronizing and managing multiple passwords is not only time-consuming but also very expensive. The solution also involves administrators across multiple departments and introduce risk. IT departments have to find out a solution to harness the benefits of SaaS while minimizing the risk and improving the user experience.


Single sign-on for SaaS applications
The single sign-on solution (SSO) is one such solution that eliminates the need of creating multiple passwords for multiple resources. It allows users to login once and grants access to multiple services of the same business.


SSO can make applications more attractive by letting users access all resources with minimum effort.


Here are some benefits of Single sign-on:


Minimize administrative costs: With SSO solution, all user data and information are stored in a central directory. This reduces the maintenance cost, the requirement of multiple resources as well as reduces the support queries around passwords.


Ease authentication process: Generally, users have to spend 10-20 seconds on an application. That means for 5 different websites they have to spend more than a minute. But single sign-on grants them to access to all the applications by login to any of the services once and automatically granted the permission to login others without providing passwords again for a session.


Boosts users experience: Users experience is one of the most important pillars of the business success. By Reducing the effort and time to get login to SaaS applications definitely improves the user’s’ experience.


These are some of the benefits of SSO and why businesses are implementing the solution.



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