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How to Increase conversion rates on your magento site


Magento is a popular cms in e commerce industry. It is used to create ecommerce websites which are highly flexible, secure and efficient in performance.

Conversions are important aspect of a website. Whether they are in form of users or sale, they hold important data to inter connected elements of website.

Below we will discuss some of the important actionable tips which can help in increasing conversion on your website.

Decrease website loading speed: It is very important for a website to be fast in loading. Faster than their competitors in that niche.

If the website lags, the visitors will get time to change their opinion over selecting your website.

Most of the people are in hurry irrespective of its nature. A slow website tend to annoy visitors breaking their nature of quickly executing things on internet.

Magento Social Share: They are sharing buttons which help visitors to share content on social media. Some visitors have the habit of judging and concluding their questions with just one look.

If a product has few reviews, they will less likely to choose that product.

Same is with the case of shares. Sharing statistics is one such thing which can turn their decision around.  Share counts is enough for them to get convinced.

Landing pages: Landing pages on website help a lot by showing the relevant information strategically crafted to keep visitors focused. A landing page has most of the essential information which a customer need to know and get convinced.

A right landing page skeleton and elements definitely convert visitors.

Recommend related products: While purchasing, recommended products helps a lot in increasing sales. Showing up right products in pair with other products helps visitors go above  their list and choose.

For example if a seller is there for buying a fishing rod, recommending them fish bait and chair can entice them to buy them as a replacement or as an item they forget to take.

This is how you can increase conversion rates on your magento website.


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