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Single Factor Authentication: No More a Safe Web Authentication

For many resources and systems, a single factor is enough to keep them secure. But it is not for every resource, especially for online resources. The most commonly using single-factor is username and password. Passwords keep our resources secure but the problem with them is that if it is not strong, they can be easily guessed, share, phished or compromised. Most of us keep our passwords like a name of our pet, nickname, the name of a best friend etc. They are easy to remember but can be guessed easily.

IT researchers are well aware of the problems and so they came up with many suggestions and approaches. Changing passwords regularly, keeping them lengthy, and making them complex are some of the precautions suggested by them. These are some nice ways to avoid phishing but there are many problems associated with them. These are:

  • Today, there are dozens of online services that we need to access on the daily basis. In this scenario, changing passwords confuse users. One has to remember too many passwords.
  • Remembering lots of passwords is very difficult. We generally, forget passwords and submit a password loss request which result in high support help desk cost of an enterprise.
  • Lengthy and complex passwords increase difficulties of IT and security managers in managing users’ credentials.

So, only one door of security is not a good option for present scenario. Having only one door of security is like inviting hackers to steal data and other important information. Cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) is a great approach that keeps users data secure. But to keep these SaaS services we need a solution that is not only secure but also user-friendly.

Two-factor authentication is one such solution. As the name tells all the story, there is a need for two different factors to get complete authentication on an online resource. The first factor is, as usual, your username and password but the second factor is of three types.

  1. Something you own
  2. Something you know
  3. Something you are

The approach added an extra layer of security. It is not only secure but also cost effective. The solution reduces the numbers of support helpdesk calls related to the password loss.

So, add your systems with two-factor authentication and keep the hackers away.


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