Multi-Factor Authentication: Because Security Is The First Priority

IT managers table is already heaped with a mountain of priorities. In order to fulfill several requests from different departments of the organization, they now need to think about supporting organization growth while keeping things secure.


Out of all the requests, security is always on the top of the list. To keep things secure, IT admins have already installed antivirus software, implemented encryption technology, raised the firewall, and run vulnerability test regularly. But the harsh reality is that if two-factor or multi-factor authentication is not in place, all the mentioned techniques can be bypassed.


Here are some reasons why you should turn on multifactor authentication (MFA).


  • Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crime and it is now more profitable than drug related crimes. All types of businesses are affected by it.
  • Most of us prefer easy to remember passwords. Weak passwords are the best friend of hackers. They can be easily guessed.
  • Cyber attackers can do more than merely stealing data. Often, they change passwords, destroy data, use services to transmit propaganda,  malicious code or spam.


How it secure resources?

Have you ever wondered why there are many many gates in a fort? Because if attackers get success in breaking one of them, others are there to protect the fort.


Similarly, breaking a single layer of protection is easy but if your resources are protected with multiple layers, it is very hard or almost impossible to crack them.


In MFA, there are many factors that act like different doors and stop cybercriminals from accessing your private resources. Along with username and password, in MFA, there is a need of many factors that include the answer to a security question, thumb impression, a unique code, and much more.


With the help of different hacking methods like phishing, keylogging, and pharming, hackers may get your credentials. But if you have already activated your MFA, you don’t need to worry, the other factors will take care of your resources and protect your services from attacks.
So, reduce the risk of attack and activate MFA onto your valuable online resources.


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