Google spreadsheets: Some untold features!

Human mind is great at processing images, connecting words and remembering concepts but when it comes to processing and storing accurate data sets, it is really bad. That’s why the concept of data tables aka Spreadsheets came into the existence. They were invented to organize arrays of information into different cells that’s our brain can not recall.

From pen or paper to Microsoft excel to today’s spreadsheets, the concept of overall data collection has been altered. With Microsoft Excel the problem was that the Sheet is executed on a single machine and no one else was allowed to make any correction at that sheet. Google spreadsheet eliminated this problem as they are shareable and number of people can edit the same spreadsheet at the same time. Well there is much more to know about these online sheets and here is a brief for them:

  • As it is a web based application, you can use it anywhere with a proper internet connection.
  • Google spreadsheets comes in the form of mobile apps too for IOS and Android. So you can see device limitation is also not there.
  • They are free to use and is bundled with Google Drive, docs and Slides that makes it shareable all the time.
  • It embraces almost every function of normal spreadsheets. So if you know Excel, You’ll feel home at Google Spreadsheets.
  • To add more, you can download add-ons and can create your own by writing a custom code.

Google spreadsheet features!

You can join texts in Google sheets!

Sometimes you wish to combine values stored in different cells to frame a sentence. By using “&” symbol you can concatenate values that are lying in different cells and can use quotes (“”) to insert a text in between them. Suppose you want to concatenate two values lying from A2 to A4 cells which are also separated with a colon(:) then the formula would be “=join(“,”,A2:A4)” .

Index: return the first value and last value in a Google Sheet!

It is easy to manage data spreadsheets when there are only fixed data sets. But when the spreadsheet gets too large and you want to know what is the first value of the sheet then use Index formula. In sheets Index() formula returns the value of a cell by specifying the row and column to look for in an specified array.

For example =INDEX(A:A,1,1) would return the first cell of column A.

Index() with COUNTA() function would return the last value in a column.

Import data into Google Sheets!

The Import function allows Google spreadsheets to pull data from a variety of sources like XML, HTML, RSS and CSV. It is good when it comes to import number of blog posts, tweaks, product inventories and data from other services. Just specify the URL from where you are fetching the data in the parameters of the Import function.

So these are some of the cool Google spreadsheet features that fascinates me a lot. What’s your favorite part? Share it in the comments below.



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