How to write a short professional bio!

Whenever you ask someone to write two or three line in their introduction, they often hesitate and won’t be able to present a good one. Probably they don’t have time to do it or they don’t know the ground rules to create one. What to write without sounding cheesy is what at which most of us dread.


A professional bio should be like one that directly connects with your potential clients. It should be short, concise and should include only the relevant information. Bios should be angled towards your intended audience whether it is for your personal website or for a professional work piece. If you are not aware of the key points of writing a professional bio then hold on as here I am listing them one by one. Have a look!

Start with your Introduction!

Well, with that it doesn’t mean you write each and everything about yourself like what your family members do, what you hate and who are there in your family. And when you are introducing yourself it would be better if you write it in third person like “Mark smith is a freelance content writer” rather that “I am a writer.” After that state the year in which you began your relevant work like “has been writing professionally since 2000” and mention your areas of expertise.

List your education and credentials!

It includes the name of the degree you own and the institution you attended. You can also mention any other relevant experience you have in the form of certificates and can list the name of the institution where you are a proud member.

Notable achievements!

It’s time to boast the awards you earned so far but do remember, keep the information relevant to your audience only. For authors, It’s time to briefly list the name of the publishing houses or magazine titles where they have contributed their work somehow. On the other hand business professionals can highlight the awards and recognition they have got so far in their careers.

Closing statement!

The best way to conclude a bio is by announcing any upcoming project such as a new book coming out. Plus the closing of any professional bio should depict the ways to contact you or should include some call to action.

So these all are the must have points of a professional bio and to make it more catchy you can add some funny spices in it. Check out various professional bio examples available on internet and write one for yourself.




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