What is Arduino, why you should choose it and what we can do with it?

The big Arduino platform is something that lies somewhere between the tech legos and the low level geek world of circuit building. With only two part a software and a hardware, you can possibly build almost everything. This is what Arduino is meant for.


Do you know what is the most interesting thing about our personal computers?

They are able to communicate with every other systems including us but they are not aware of what’s going in the world around them. In Arduino on the other hand, they are connected to some sensors which provide them physical information time to time. Basically Arduino is a computer but with ears and eyes. Well that’s not a single reason behind its ever growing popularity. There are more like:

  • It is an open source platform which is extremely accessible and flexible to be customized and extended.
  • It is extremely easy to use and connected to computers via USB cables. For communication purpose it uses standard serial protocol.
  • Arduino is buckled up with a big community that provides you lot of source code already available. You can also post your sample codes there for others to use.

What can we do with Arduino?

Arduino is the next level of excellence that can develop interactive objects. The best Android projects are taking inputs from a variety of switches or sensors and controlling variety of motors, lights and other outputs. These Arduino projects can be stand alone or can be connected to your computer for communication using USB.

To start with Arduino you need to buy an Arduino board which comes pre-assembled and in a kit form. There is an Arduino board also that comes with a Bluetooth model for those who are fancy and want to connect Arduino with their smart phones. Now to get started with coding, download the open source software from the Arduino site. It runs on Java and is compatible with MAC OS, Windows and Linux. It also has some pre- loaded example projects of Arduino aka “sketches” to make you handy with the software. It is for you to use until you become familiar with Arduino programing and can be used directly from the sketchbook.

The best Arduino projects so far!

  • A fingerprint scanner for your garage door.
  • Motion-Triggered  under bed LED lights.
  • A Robot Arm
  • A motion sensing Arduino alarm.
  • Arduino based LED Street Lights with Auto Intensity Control
  • Arduino based Home Automation

And the list goes on!

Arduino has the capability to convert your imagination into reality and You can witness its involvement in every field. It is an amazing invention itself that is doing wonders indeed!



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