April Fool Day pranks for your colleagues!

April fool day- one day in the entire year accepted internationally to play some unsuspected fun with family, friends and co-workers. Throughout the entire day, it is completely acceptable to do awful things with people you care about and love but if you don’t realize what the day is until you wake up, then most probably the target is you.


Although, a good April fool prank doesn’t need much planning or special materials but you need to be alert what your target is up to. So if your office likes some light-heated fun and you are looking for some harmless fun for this April 1, then you are at the gallery of some cool and easy April fool pranks that can be easily played upon your office-mates that has a good sense of humor. Just have a look!


The ultimate “Radio” prank!

“Hey, can you hear me? No, I can’t hear anything! Are you sure? Yes, I am sure.”

What happen when you keep hearing such noises up above your head? Uhhh spooky isn’t it?

And watching those expressions at your loved one’s face is beyond any fun, isn’t it?

So hurry up and set up this prank as given below:

  • First find a radio and set it to a station that is guaranteed to pissed off any person and then put the volume low.
  • Then remove a tile above your victim’s head.
  • Hid the radio there and then set the tile again as before.
  • Now you just kept denying that you hear any noise when your victim ask you to confirm. Just say “ No I don’t hear anything, are you sure you okay?”

And enjoy the ultimate fun!

A Prank for our Teetotalers!

What if you replace the water in the water cooler with wine. All you need to have an empty canister and fill it with wine and then place it back on the cooler. Now look at the faces of your teetotalers.

The funniest “Air horn” prank!

With most of the fun pranks you need to hover around the victim to confirm your plan of action but with Air horns you along with entire office can enjoy the sound of horns. Just tie an air horn under your colleagues chair and share a good laugh that you’ll remember throughout the year.

What about a “Ghost Typing” prank??

Make your colleague go crazy with a thought “what’s wrong with this keyboard”. Write or rewrite whatever he is typing on his screen without letting them know who is doing it.

To do so:

  • Plug in your keyboard wire under your colleague’s computer tower.
  • When you hear them typing, it’s time for you to start your typing too.
  • Play with your words here and make your victim irritated.


So these are my ideas to play around this day. What’s yours? Share them in the comment box below.



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