Arduino Rising: 3 fun projects you can develop on your own!

Don’t you think it is fun to automate everything? Don’t you want an easy control over small devices and complex Halloween displays? Well, Arduino makes it possible!


The awesome Arduino has a limitless array of innovative applications for almost everything from robotics and gardening to lighting and games. The involvement of Arduino has made life easier and luxurious. Here I am going to brief you some of the best Arduino projects(2016) to let you know how fun it is to experiment with Arduino. So just give your learning a quick start!


Are you a big time coffee -addict but your addiction doesn’t fit into your busy schedule. Then this arduino enabled Tweet-a-Pot project is for you. With this Arduino project you can make your coffee pot turn on and off with just a simple tweet so that you can enjoy your cup of coffee as the time you reach your home. This is one of the simplest Arduino hacks so if you haven’t started working with Arduino, Try this!  All you need is a bit of code and some hardware near your coffee pot and you are all ready to go.

Arduino Simple alarm system:

The Arduino based simple alarm system detects the movement and scares the hell out of the intruder with the high pitched alarm sound and flashing LED lights. Well this sounds funny, especially when your sister sneaks out of her room and get caught by Arduino. To build this Arduino project you will need following:

  • An ultrasonic “ping” sensor .
  • A buzzer.
  • LED strip lights
  • And obviously an Arduino 😛

A themed Arduino Mood lamp:

It uses a square glass jar to display a colored combination. This arduino project is extremely easy to build. With some basic components and a little wiring you can add a lightning texture to your living space. To build this project you will need:

  • Arduino and a Usb cable.
  • A glass jar
  • One RGB LED.
  • 4 resistors of 330 ohm resistance.
  • One small breadboard.
  • 4 long jumper wires of different colors.
  • Hard- drying clear glue.
  • Modelling clay(gray and red)
  • White candle

So you can see with Arduino you can do amazing things at the cost of little expenses. There are many such things you can do with Arduino but still are unaware of. Drop your queries and doubts in the comment box below!


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