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With Single Sign-On Passwords Are No More a Headache!

With the advancement of technology and increase in a number of online resources, the number of credentials is increasing at an alarming rate. Different websites have different conditions of creating credentials. Some ask for having a complex combination of words and numbers, some ask for starting password with a capital letter and must have one special character and so on. Because of this complex demands, we end up with dozens of passwords for various accounts. Well, who likes remembering passwords? The problem get worse if you are working in an organization and on daily basis, you have to encounter with multiple accounts. For that, you have to create multiple passwords and most importantly remember them.


I know, remembering passwords is not easy. There are many applications and tools that help us to keep our passwords at one place. But what happens, if they hacked. You lose all your credentials. So, you need a solution that helps you in reducing password in a secure way. Web single sign-on solution is a nice way to reduce the number of passwords. Want to know how? The article will explain.

Single sign-on or SSO is a solution that enables users to login to multiple websites using one set of credentials (username and password) for the same organization. Suppose you have 10 different websites and applications to access in your organization, without SSO there are 10 different passwords you have to remember. But with SSO, one password is enough. The single password is applicable for all the resources. Users don’t need to enter the password, again and again, they only need to enter a password for any of the resources and get logged in to others automatically. Google is a great example where a user can login to any of the Google services and get access to all the associated services.

That means, the solution saves users time and improves their experience. It reduces the support help desk cost for the organization, and most importantly frees users from remembering complex passwords.  


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