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Reasons Why You Should Try Progressive Profiling!


You might have heard thousands of times that knowing audience is the key to success for marketing and business. Yes, it is right. The better you know your audience, the better you can deliver.

But collecting right data is a big problem for marketers. Businesses must know the answers of three W’s that are when, where, and what customers are purchasing? By knowing the right answers, marketers can make successful and customer oriented strategies. The answers help you to offer more personalized services to your customers.

Marketers are trying various methods to get users data. Progressive profiling is one such method. The method helps them to know about their customers in a more detailed way. In this method of collecting information, small chunks of meaningful data is collected from throughout the journey of a customer. That means no more flooding of questions at the time of first the impression.

The article will explain some of the benefits of progressive profiling for both users and businesses.

Benefits for the customers

Improves experience: By eliminating the bombardment of questions during first interaction, the method improves customer experience.

Helps in identifying pain points: If you want to get success, identify what are the suffering points of customers. Understand their pain points and acts accordingly.

Businesses can provide useful information to customers at right time.

Benefits for businesses

Drive more leads and sales: As stated, progressive profiling helps businesses to know customers in a better way. This helps them to generate more leads and drives more sales.

Focus on targeted audience: If businesses know who are their targeted audience, they can make strategies accordingly. With minimum effort, resources and investment, they can make maximum.

Therefore, progressive profiling is a great way of understanding customers, their needs, demands, likes etc. The only thing you need for this is the set of right questions at right time. Don’t overload your customers with stupid questions, try progressive profiling.


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