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Progressive ways of securing user identities


Security is a major concern today. Whether it is a websites or elements related to it. One of the major concerns today is securing customer identities. With boom in dot com, online identities started playing a crucial role in most of the business processes.

Today identities are like a goldmine to businesses, so just like a real mine, online identities require special attention.

Certain risk factors for online identities

Identity getting stolen: This risk is associated with a single identity. Chances are that a single identity can become a victim of specialized attacks and procedures which target a single identity. With a single identity getting stolen can be misused in many ways like spreading hate messages, email etc.

Database Hack:  This risk is associated with database carrying lots of identities. The soul sole purpose behind such hack is money, either in exchange of data or by selling data. Identities can be used by any paying party in any mean.

Step by step ways to secure user identities

The first step for securing identities is the source from where they are generated.

The authentication system. Authentication system should have different options so as to give choice to user. Along with choices, OTP authentication is must.

Otp authentication  acts as secondary layer of authorization to authentication process,  authorizing a valid authorization.

For example a user is authorized to access by using social login then OTP authentication will again check for authenticity of the user authorized by sending a temporary OTP on mobile device. As soon as the person validates the OTP, the visitor is then allowed to access features meant for registered users.

Strong Passwords: Strong passwords are the passwords which  consists of at least six or more characters that are a combination of letters, numbers and symbols like this “a$ecur3P@S4w0rd”. Passwords are typically case-sensitive, so a strong password contains letters in both uppercase and lowercase.

By this way identities can be secured.


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