user profiling

How to Do Effective User Profiling?

Congratulations, for driving number of traffic to your business website. You are attracting a wide variety of visitors and users. But still, you are not able to generate leads and make sales. Do you know why? You don’t profile your users data. You are not utilizing the data in a proper way. Having an in-depth knowledge of customers has become the most important need of today’s business world. I will explain why you need it and some of the ways that will help you out to do effective user profiling.

Lets we explore what is user profiling first.

User profiling is the segmentation of data( according to different classifications) that you have collected through various channels. Classification is generally based on sex, interests, past activities, needs, likes, etc.

Some quick ways to profile users’ data:

Break down users into groups: Well, you have data, break down this data into several groups. Groups that are based on needs and demands that users are expecting from your business. If you end up with too many groups, try to find a solution to merge some groups if possible. Because too many groups can confuse your marketing team in making policies.

Prepare some questions for each group: Make a list of questions for each group that they are looking for an answer from your business. Make sure to have actionable questions. Questions like, how you can provide better service, Is the price you defined is perfect, or you need to make some changes or not, etc. Try to come up with answers to such questions. The approach definitely helps businesses to make better and actionable marketing strategies.

Go with high-priority users: Classify your groups according to the priority level. Focus more on groups that will drive more sales and profits. But it doesn’t mean you should avoid the remaining groups, take them also seriously.

Once you are done with the above-mentioned approaches, the next step is making strategies that will drive positive results for you. Therefore, profile your users and stay one step ahead of your competitors.


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