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5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About LinkedIn Search

Well, no need to mention that Google is the most searched website on earth and then there comes Youtube, Facebook and Yahoo in a row. LinkedIn occupies 17th position in this list of most visited website according to Alexa just after Twitter.

Millions of searches are made per month on LinkedIn to find other people. People here look for to form connections, for finding vendors, customers, clients, employees or employers. So you can see LinkedIn search is getting popular day by day. And are you sure you are showing up there when people make a search for something relevant to you?

Wait! If you are not showing up in the search results, you definitely need to know why. Here is a quick explanation of How LinkedIn search algorithm works. So just hold on and grab the details from here!


The LinkedIn Search Algorithm!

Although LinkedIn algorithm is not that much sophisticated like Google. It only displays result from within its own network.

Below are some points that decides who ranks top on the LinkedIn search results:

Job history:

One thing that LinkedIn does while searching for people is that it looks at a person’s current and past job titles. The more that title appears in your profile, the chances of getting you appear in ranking for that particular keyword gets increased.


The next place where LinkedIn looked at is your headline. So make sure you add your keyword there.


How amazing it is if your name has a keyword but sadly there are very less such names. Plus such name are most likely to get banned as this appears fake to search engines. So don’t add keywords to your names just to get ranked.


Fact is the broader your network is, the more people will see your profile in their search results. LinkedIn search results are personalized to the person who is searching. So just spread your network and get high rankings on LinkedIn searches.

Just embrace these simple tips and see yourself on the top of the search results.



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