5 Magento SEO mistakes you need to learn about!

So, you are all set with your Magento E-store and took the responsibility of doing SEO on your own. Well, that’s great! But are you sure you are doing it right. Remember, SEO is the only thing that bring exposure to your products or services if done right. But if made any mistake, can also induce adverse effects on your site.

Many of the beginners don’t know the real essence behind SEO and they just give it a start. You might have added all the relevant keywords, unique product descriptions and all other SEO essentials that you might heard about from some random Magento Seo Guide. But still having no visibility, while people are searching for a relevant keyword. There are possibly many reasons behind this invisibility. Hold On, We’ll go through them one by one in this short blog post.

Common mistakes and their solutions!

Not changing your default home page title :

If I would have charged a dollar for every Magento Store URL out there with a homepage title “HOME”, Surely I’d be rich man by then. The homepage is basically a CMS page. You need to change it. Go to your Magento store’s dashboard and then System > configuration > Design > HTML head. And then in the Default Title section, put your brand’s name there. For example: Magento Seo extensions-!

Not including alternative texts:  

Simply putting an image on your store without a supportive text explaining what it is, won’t work out. Being an SEO guy, you need to be aware of using alt tags that are used with the images to give them unique identity.

Not creating Google sitemaps or not refreshing it at regular intervals:

In Magento, sitemaps referring to the “Google sitemaps” doesn’t mean that they are supported only by Google. In fact they are supported by other search engines(Yahoo, Bing) as well. Being a naive in SEO, there are chance you might forget to add sitemap in your web store or might not refresh it regularly. There are also possibility of having sample content/product URLs in your sitemap. Search engines will not crawl such sites with faulty sitemaps. So include fresh URLs in your sitemap and refresh it on intervals.

Not handling canonicalization:

Despite all the content available on “How to handle canonical issues”, we often end up making this obvious mistake. Even the big SEO firms failed at it but in Magento you can handle it in some clicks. Let’s see how :

Go to System > configuration > catalog > search engine optimization.

At the bottom set following two options to “YES”. This will not only handles your canonicalization issues but also help your site to prevent duplicate content creation whenever you want to display your product in multiple categories.


So these are the most common mistakes that almost every beginner unknowingly commits. If you have any other tip in your knowledge, share them in comments.


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