Steps to get you started on Omni-channel marketing!

Don’t mix the concept of multi-channel marketing with today’s omni-channel marketing concept. In multi-channel marketing you have multiple touch points for business interactions but Omni-channel marketing integrates all of these channels so that the customer experience or the customer interaction remains the same no matter which channel is currently in use. Omni-channel is all about making the customer experience seamless and consistent. So start your safe ride on the transition path for your business and establish a best in class omni-channel marketing strategy keeping the below mentioned points in mind:


It requires organizational support and direction:

Acquisition of omni-channel marketing is not only the assembly of some tools for a particular job but it is a complete shift of your marketing paradigms. It also affects your company culture as it seeks for some co-ordination from various departments of your organization. It requires healthy integration between individual team members handling individual channels. There are chances that you won’t see any profits immediately, but in the long term it will reap returns.

It requires Identity leverage:

Your marketing strategy most probably is already leveraging identity to its best as it is the only key that opens up a world of opportunities in digital business. For omni-channel marketing purpose you need to be more focused as identity is the only source that enables multiple touch points to interact with customers. Your customer identity management platform must be able to support account creation for your business across all your primary touch points. Plus it should also be able to perform faster customer conversions, store more customer data and improve overall customer experience.

It depends on the idea of single customer view:

Customer data management can be proved as the biggest barrier to the omni-channel marketing strategy. If your organization has separate and non-connected technologies for managing customer data at different channels then I must say you are miles behind of your customers. As what today’s customer wants is a hassle-free experience everywhere, every time and on every device and to meet these increasing demands of customers, newer marketing trends are regularly evolving. Single customer view is one of them. In this approach of data management there is single data integration platform that can ingest data from all your touchpoints and then create a single customer profile. These touch points not only refer the online channels but they also refer to customers offline interaction. In all, single customer view is the essence of omni-channel marketing and customer identity management doubles it up.

All it wants is customer contextual data:

Yeah, you might already know the value of customer data in contextual marketing but capturing anything and everything that comes in your way is not the right approach. Focus only on those data points that your business will actually need and can be proved beneficial in your analysis for customer behavior. Since every customer data segment is distinct and their perspectives differ that’s why your marketing strategy should be built upon the basis of your target audience’s perspectives.

Well there are a lot more conversations about Omni channel marketing and its effects on the market. So gear up your readings and drop your opinions in the comment box below.



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