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Why Business Needs Identity Management Platform?


Identity is something that shows what is your background, what are your hobbies, likes, dislikes, etc. Your license, passport, voter ID etc. are not just a piece of paper, they show to world who you are. If you book a railway ticket then you have to show it to ticket collector to prove your identity. Identity helps businesses to know their customer. Suppose you are an owner of a shop and you are dealing with hundreds of customers daily. Then it is very important for you to know who are your customers and what they are demanding from you. If you know it then you can offer more personalized services. Now, suppose your shop is online then how can you manage yourself to know your customers. Because unlike offline business here you don’t know real face of your customers. Earlier the customers were in touch with you directly but this is not in present situation. So, the importance of identity is more for online businesses than offline and today the world is shifting towards online. Thus the need of digital identity is growing at an alarming rate.

There are many ways to get reliable and safe first-party data but the important thing is how well business manage and use the customer’s data. Managing data is not easy. There are many challenges businesses have to face while managing customers data. Security is one of the most important concern.  But many businesses fail in managing data securely. They store customers data in local data storage systems. From security point of view, keeping data in such devices is very risky since there are many employees and anyone can access them easily.  Additionally, it is very hard to manage customers data if the number of customers are increasing exponentially. In this case, businesses have to implement new storage device. In short the whole process becomes very hectic and causes lots of money. But there is a solution called customer identity and access management that helps businesses to manage customer’s identity and other data in a secure manner. All the data is stored in the cloud and it is very hard for hackers to steal data. This makes the cIAM platform secure and safe. It is also scalable which means no matter, by how number customers are growing you don’t need to implement new devices. So, it is cost effective.

In short, we can say that cIAM platform is a perfect identity management platform that your business must have. So, don’t waste time in thinking, implement the platform as soon as possible.


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