Top Three customer insight mistakes you need to avoid right now!

Time and Time again there is much talking about the importance of customer insights for the businesses but someone hardly paid any effort to highlight some of the core mistakes related to these valuable insights. Hence this piece of writing is here to identify the five most common mistakes that result in a failure to develop actionable customer insights.


You must have heard this Japanese proverb “ Insight without action is a daydream and an action without insight is a nightmare”. So the failure because of these mistakes can be proved very costly. So take care of these silly mistakes while developing your own user insights.

Mistake #1: Developing customer insights from a single piece of market research!

Do not fool yourself with the thought that insight is just another word for market research. Customer insights development is basically the integration and analysis of all the data and information available about a particular category. It ultimately ends up at converting data and information into knowledge and understating out of which an actionable insight can be curated. And an insight based on a single piece of data query is not at all healthy for your business success as it doesn’t cover all the aspects and as people say “half knowledge is always dangerous” true in this concept as well.

Mistake #2: Not developing an insight based on the desired behavioral change!

Customer insights are solely based on customer behavior that’s why whenever there is a change in customer behavior it directly impacts the business results. User insights based on customer behaviors usually contain an emotional element that needs to be conveyed through either advertising or via some other marketing efforts.

Mistake #3: Involvement of insight professionals in developing insights!

When developing deeper understanding of the customers, one need to take different perspectives on the gathered information. This deeper understanding and their reasons for behaving in a certain way comes from looking at different aspects of their life style. If you consider only the moment when a customer makes a purchase decision then certainly you won’t be able to craft an understanding for which you are looking for. That is why there should be an additional team for the development of insights and this team can be made up of people from different different teams like sales, marketing, production, packaging, innovation, advertising and finance.

So these are the most common things that we almost forget while developing a valuable customer insight from the huge library of data. So keep these points in your mind and let me know some other tips and tricks if you know any.


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