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Top must have ways to simplify customer analytics!

Customer analytics – a systematic approach that closely examines a company’s customer information to identify, attract and retains the most beneficial customers. Today customer have access to information from everywhere anytime. They have ample of options of where to shop, what to buy, how to pay etc. That’s why it is becoming increasingly difficult to predict a customer behavior when it is interacting with your organization. Better customer understanding of their buying habits and lifestyle preferences in such cases makes it really easy to deliver what they want.

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Customer analytics that is build upon huge customer social insights can seem difficult and intimidating but there are several alternatives available to make it even simpler. Here is an explanation of such alternatives.

Make use of a data capture tools to send your Web data to your Analytics:

Customer analytics tools works at their best when they directly get the data from your website or web app. Popcorn Metrics can be proved as the most suitable analytics tool that you can install on your own without any help from your development team. In its visual editor just load your website and navigate your website to choose some key steps on your sales funnel and customer data to send to your analytics.

Unify all your customer touch points:

Your customer analytics must cover all your customer touch points and to make it happen you need to install your analytics tools across all your web properties. With this you will have a full picture of all customer data, visits and interactions. Just suppose there is a visitor on your blog page, he clicks on a re-targeting campaign that redirects him to a specific landing page. Later he came back to your website and make a purchase. To capture the full journey in your analytics tool you require the complete picture of customer that too in the simplest form possible.

Decide on what customer data is of more importance:

Every business has a conversion funnel and to become a valuable customer of a business you need to pass a particular sequence of steps. To be the best in delivering customer experience you need to identify and capture all key customer actions in your conversion funnel. This captured data can also lead you to trigger customer messages and surveys.

So these are some very common things that one should never forget in order to have accurate customer analytics for better customer experience.


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