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Top Local SEO tips for ensuring better search engine ranking!

Based on a latest research on local behavior driven by Google, it is now proved that almost 50% of users who make local searches actually visit the store within the day. So you can see a great deal of conversion here. Really a massive conversion rate!

Startups because of their tight budget are most likely to spend on such low cost converting mediums. And among them Local SEO can be a real game changer. A dedicated focus on Local SEO can be proved as a golden opportunities for such low budget startups to build a customer base on strong grounds. As with the growing technology and thanks to better connectivity, today searches have become more personalized and localized. Hence if you haven’t started your local SEO journey yet, be alert since it’s high time now! Here are some local SEO tips that can help you get better search engine results. Let’s check them out!

Include your business in Google Places!


Have your own Google place account and take some time to fill out all the needed information including photos, offers, coupons, videos and other such details. With a Google place account you can claim your presence in Google + local mobile search. All you need to do is:

  • Optimize your geo targeted keywords
  • Optimize your page by including the H1,H2 title tags in headings and content
  • Include a Contact us and About us page that target local terms.

Be sure you have comprised your business contact information. Suppose you own an IT firm at Vancouver then first make a proper research for your money keywords. Look for some other IT companies in vancouver and analyse what they have included to make a solid local presence. Have a rough idea on how you can include local search terms referring Vancouver in your Contact Us and About Us page. This option is great to build and strengthen your presence based on the location.

Get yourself evaluated!


You must have seen shiny yellow stars in front of many URLs when you search for something at Google. Google Reviews and these stars can be proved as a great advantage for your business. So encourage as more people as you can to drop a great review for you. This can be done via a mailing list or through the giant of social media.

Optimize your Social Media Accounts!

Social Media and local SEO both goes hand in hand. Social media is definitely the greatest medium to create relationships and to build a community. Social media wins the crown when it comes to your SERP rankings and it is an obvious choice for a business who wants to establish its online presence in the lowest time possible.

Get links from other local strategic patterns!

If you are selling some dog toys then it is mandatory for you to have links from some other similar local dog selling shops or puppy stores. Getting such links directed to similar businesses are essential in order to exchange links and information with each other. These inter-linking will not help you only in rankings but you can also get some customers from your partners.

So, start implement these simple SEO tips from today and drop your suggestions in the comment box below.


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