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Some crucial tips to encourage your customers share their personal data!

No one would deny on the fact that customers are the lifeblood of any business and that’s the reason that you keep on trying to better connect with them. The growing technical age has empowered customers but the reality is that it has emancipated both the consumers and businesses alike. But on the overall ground, consumers always have an upper hand than the businesses. The main concern is Do the customers hesitate when it comes to share their personal data. Well no ifs and buts! Obviously they oppose but why don’t they share their personal information? Well ultimately it’s for their own good. May be they are not getting to this point or more possibly businesses are lacking here to deliver the exact point behind this data collection strategy.


So how do companies encourage customers to share their personal data??

Well this is the point of concern here. With the raise in customer expectations it becomes more important for business owners to collect more data about a customer since the customer data is the only thing with which businesses can deliver a service that a customer desires for. So here are some ways that get you right on the track of gathering customer information. Let’s check them out:

Be transparent and give them control:

Nothing could be better than simply letting your customers know that you want their data and explaining why you are collecting their personal information. Even the reports and surveys says that a large percentage of consumers are more interested to establish a relationship with the companies who are transparent in their policies and offer control over the collection.

Go for first party data collection methods:

With the first party data collection methods like Social Login and social account linking, you are not only letting your customers know that you are fetching their information but also let them know about the kind of data you are storing. This gives your customers a sigh of relief as they know what is being shared and what is going on with regards to their personal information. Moreover there is no fraud possible with the first party data as it is directly coming from your customer’s social identities.

Collect person-provided data:

If you genuinely want to deliver a personalized experience, you should try your hands on person-provided data. Asking for the specific information from your customer implies that you want to market your customer as the way he wants. Once you get this information, you can easily personalize your marketing campaigns to the customers who offered you such valuable information.

All that a customer wants is an experience that he can never forget so what’s the better way to provide it to them than by considering their recommendations?

P.S. : Look here for more details about the importance of customer data for a business to be successful.


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