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Say Yes To Customer Experience, Say Yes To Single Sign-On!

How to improve customer experience? Every day search engines are bombarded with the same or related questions. Businesses are looking for various technologies, methods, and ideas to boost up their customer experience. Providing the best experience is the dream for every business. For online businesses, the importance is more because unlike offline businesses they do not know their customers face. So, they have to rely on the digital identities of the customers. For this, they have two option. One is to buy third-party data about the customers from some third-party data providers and the other is having first-party data. Third-party data might be fake and drive your business in a wrong direction. So, the only option left here is first-party data.

Now, the question is what are the methods that will help you out to get the reliable first-party data of your business? Let us know what are some methods that will work and why web single sign-on solution is one of the best among them all.

First-party data means the data that is directly provided by the users or the customers. One of the methods is providing registration forms to a user before entering to the website. But the problem is it takes a lot of time of users to fill the form. That results in users to leave the website in search of new one. Offering social login is also a great approach of website login. In this, a user can login to the website using his social account. The method is quick and easy. In return, businesses get user’s data.

But the real problem is with the businesses that have multiple websites. To complete a task customers have to access different website independently. For that, they need to create new username and password and more importantly remember them too. Creating them is not as hard as them to remember. Additionally, they have to spend a lot of time and effort in just creating ID credentials and in authentication the websites. Single sign-on (SSO) saves customers here by providing them the same platform to access all the website of a business using one ID credentials.

In this way solution provides the best customer experience because now they do not to remember passwords, waste their time in creating credentials for each website and remembering them. More importantly, in return the solution provides the safe and reliable first-party data to the business.


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