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How Single Sign-On Helps your Business

The method of login to multiple websites through single sign-on is not new. Earlier users had to enter different usernames and passwords for different websites of the same business. More websites mean more ID credentials to remember. Web single sign-on or WSSO removes the headache of remembering multiple passwords by allowing users to access many websites of a business using a single set of credentials. It offers an automated web-login process to all websites that are protected with single SSO solution. Here are some reasons why your business must need the solution.

  • Automated web-authentication process:

As I have already stated, the solution automates the login process. It simplifies and removes the hassle of signing in to the websites that belong to the same business.

  • Improves user experience:

User experience is an important factor for an online business. Since single sign-on solution reduces the hurdle of websites login, it ultimately improves the user experience.

  • Reduces the password count:

Passwords are the combination of alphabets, numbers and some special characters. This makes them very hard to remember. SSO simply reduces the number of passwords to one.

  • Drives customer’s unified view:

In this competitive world, having a great insight about the customer is very important. The more you know about customers, the more customer oriented policies you can make and more profit you can earn. Single sign-on drives single customer view(SCV) of the customer. No matters, from which device the user is logging in, if he is browsing websites that are deployed with SSO, then the solution recognizes the user and provides the SCV to the business.

  • Provides first-party data:

Online businesses are well aware with the importance of first-party data. First-party data helps them to know their users real identity. SSO provides reliable first-party data to the businesses.


So, friends, these are some of the important reasons why you need to implement the single sign-on solution to your business websites.


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