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Attack Surface Reduction Through SSO!

Today security is considered as one of the most major concern for online businesses and Attack Surface Reduction or in short ASR is on the priority list. There is an acceleration in hacking capabilities and cyber threats. No matter from which industry you belong to, the practice is continuously attacking your systems and secret documents. Attack surface reduction(ASR) is the term that is gaining high popularity in today’s technical world. It is the effort putting towards to reduce the passage points from where an unauthorized can enter and access or even extract all the private data. In simple words, ASR is a label for removing hacking tactics.

Relation between Single Sign-On(SSO) and ASR

Many people don’t prefer SSO, they fear of failure of the system because of its single point of access. But if configured properly, a single sign-on solution reduces the chances of an external attack.  A small surface for attack makes the exploitation of credentials and other private data difficult and reduces the risk of getting hacked. With web single sign-on solution, the approach of small surface to reduce data breach is made simpler. SSO solution reduces the number of passwords to one, that means with one set of credentials user can login to many websites that are protected with SSO.

So, utilizing the functionality of SSO to its maximum capabilities is the key towards attack surface reduction in the most effective ways. Deploying SSO solution closes all the access points except one to boost the attack surface reduction.


The concept behind attack surface reduction is to protect user’s environment from external threats and from underhand hackers. The number of attacks from data thieves are not going to slow down, in fact, they are rising at an alarming rate. ASR is one of the approaches that keeps attackers away and stop them from extracting private data.

Therefore, we can say that one of the biggest advantages of a single sign-on method is Attack surface reduction, that all online businesses can use today. So, friends, safeguard your data and empower users with attack surface reduction through a single sign-on solution.


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