5 tips for creating awesome animated GIFs!

Animated GIfs play a powerful part in your marketing and blogging strategy. You can create an awesome and attention grabbing blog post with the mixture of GIF images. In fact today most of the websites are adding these gif animations on their home pages instead of making use of fancy code-based animations. But are they really effective or are just another decoration of your website?


No they are not just the ornaments for your website in fact they can describe the complete emotion of what you want to depict though visuals. All you need to know is how you can create an effective gif image.

Here I am describing some tips that will master you in the creation of awesome animated GIFs.

The secret sauce Fewer colors= More Fun

Don’t overdo your gif animations with lots of colors. Keep it simple and sober and make use of colors that seems pleasant to eyes. Such inclusion of less colors make your GIFs longer and more involved. Such Gifs are also relatively small in file size, here with small size I meant under 1 mb.

When possible make use of motion blur:

Blur adds an amusing effect in your still image. Now imagine these still images in motion with this blur effect. This adds more professional look in your GIFs and it also helps you to fudge things a bit for the sake of file size.

Eliminate duplicate frames:

If you notice your animations closely then you find that they rests at some point and then repeats again. At this point where one loop session pauses, you will find multiple duplicate frames that only increases your file size. So have a near observation of what you made and drop all the repeated frames from your gif in a way that it doesn’t affect it’s quality.

Tweak your lossy:


Being honest I even I don’t know the exact meaning of lossy. All I know is if it is set in between the scale of 1 to 10 then it greatly helps in reducing some kilobytes from your GIF without even affecting its quality.

Avoid flashy animations:

As I said earlier keep your GIF simple and appealing. Too much of anything exhausts people so don’t overdo anything. Just pick the perfect moment and draft your own emotions their with the help of some salubrious effects.



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