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Customer Profiling: How businesses use it?


Businesses nowadays are influenced by their customers and technologies. Technologies evolved with requirement, requirement of making things easy and improve. Improvement and easiness helps in increasing Productivity of businesses, ultimately a quality product and sale.

Customers plays similar important role in running and excelling a business. Customers teach businesses about current trends, their interests, what new they want. It is the duty of marketeers to find out such important characteristics about their present customers and new acquired ones.

To find such information, most of the businesses use Customer Identity Management, which works on the basis of customer profiling.

What is customer profiling?

Customer profiling is a way to create a portrait of customers in order to make decisions based on customer choices and trends. A Customer identity management solution helps in generating insights with the help of customer profiling.

According to requirement, the generated insight data can be pushed into different marketing softwares to help further in marketing.

Customer profiling seems to be a new word in business but actually it was already being used by businesses from a long time.

Customer profiling is like knowing customers in person.

For example a bakery owner who owns a bakery shop since 30 years has the idea what most of the customer want. Even little Joey’s Pineapple cake is taken care of on his birthday.
The owner has idea about their customers so he will opt for products which his customer likes or will like if introduced. Based on likings, he can take a risk of opting similar product and use it as an A/B Testing for its shop. If customers starts opting for that product, they can then plan to switch the product.

Similar is the case with businesses nowadays. They know their customers with the help of customer profiling and serves them accordingly.


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