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Go Techie, else Prepare to lose your customers



Business these days is evolving with customer needs. Taking any sector, whether it is Manufacturing, Production, IT etc. technological advancements are widely getting adopted. The motive behind rise of advancements is to improve the quality and decrease the time taken, man hours.

No-one ever thought of inventing or creating a particular type of technology. It is the result of small innovations done in test labs, sealed rooms, RnD Department of an company. Taking example of Solar Panels which are widely being used for generating electricity.
Once there was a time when no one believed on generating electricity with the help of natural resources.
But a small discovery of photovoltaic effect lead to innovation of Photovoltaic cells, which are now being used in Solar Panels. Solar panels are also being used to power some percentage of Business needs like Street Lights, Office Power Supply etc. it saves most of the percentage of electricity bills spent mainly on office needs.


If we talk about business, technological advancements have impacted them. Taking example of a Customer Identity and Access management Platform. A cIAM helps in managing customer registrations, on an website. It also helps in generating insights with the help of registration data and progressive data collection technologies. Businesses are getting benefit out of it because they are getting insights about their customers, trends which their customers follow, their likes, dislikes, preferences, etc. This helps business plan strategies according to their customer’s needs.


Not only businesses but also customers, they too are getting advanced in terms of technology and technical advancements. So it is better to stay in sync with them.
Like maintaining a social media page doesn’t seems that important but most of the customers are on social media and are active. Social media acts and helps in building a brand trust and customer care.

By focusing on technological advancements businesses can help achieve sales and hopefully acquire new ones.


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