3 must have habits for an online marketer to increase sales!!

Customers landing on your website, adding products in their carts but still not making the purchase-Shocked! Well this has become very common these days. Because of the number of websites available on the internet customers are having various options to make a purchase then Why would they choose your service?

To be in the limelight of online businesses there are certain things that an online marketer should keep in his mind that will make his website stand out in the huge digital market. So let’s checkout on these must have habits!!

Make it easy to find:

Google’s search bar is no doubt the first choice of everyone whenever he needs something online. So be sure that your service or product is appearing there on the first page of search results whenever someone is looking for one. For this you need to optimize your service description with the relevant keywords. If you are not an expert here then hire the one who can make a perfect SEO strategy keeping your relative keywords in mind to target your audience.

Offer easy sign-ins and sign ups:


Ohh long signups and registrations! No one wants this kind of entertainment as soon as they land on your website. It is really a long annoying process of filling up long forms,validating data and again filling up long forms just to get access. People use variety of login credentials with lots of information in mind, it becomes really hard for them to remember each and every credential that they created just to have few access on your website.It has been seen that people often leave a website because they don’t want to participate in long registration processes. You can prevent this kind of happening by offering them an alternate way of signing in to your website in which they can use their already existing social media profiles such as Facebook, Twitter etc and allowing visitors to use their social profiles for this purpose is known as Social Login. So leverage this technique to make your registration process easy and flexible.

Optimize user site search experience:

Well if you are not easily visible on internet then it is hard for people to make a purchase from you. In the mobile generation, your website should also meet the criteria for mobile responsiveness. Make sure people can find your products in mobiles also. And yes one more thing be promising on whatever you show. If a product is appearing in search results or in suggestions but not included in your category page then for sure it will harm your integrity. So show only what you have.

Well these are my personal habits to make sure people don’t leave my website without making a valuable purchase.What’s yours??

Let me know via comments given below.


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