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ILM- Identity life cycle management!

Before jumping on the topic of knowing the complete identity life cycle management, let’s start with the small steps like knowing what is identity management and why one should care about identity management so much.

What is identity management?

Identity management can be considered as the administration of individual identities within a system, an enterprise or even a country. Now if we talk about enterprises identity management system is responsible for establishing and managing the roles of individual network users and offers them different access privileges. An identity management platform provides tools and technologies to administrators and with these privileges they can change user’s roles, their access rights and can track their various activities that further benefits the organizations to take user-driven decisions for conversion purpose.


The various technologies that fall under this category are like password-management tools, provisioning software, reporting and monitoring apps and identity repositories.

Now why should one care about identity management so much?

Identity management today is not only for managing digital identities but it also improves business productivity. Implementation of these identity management platforms and associated best practices can give you a real competitive advantage in a number of ways. Nowadays businesses are opening up their network doors to customers, partners, suppliers, contractors and of course employees that can increase efficiency and lower costs. In such scenarios ID management systems can allow a company to extend access to its information systems without compromising on security. A controlled identity management platform actually has that potential that can provide greater access to outsiders that indirectly enhance productivity,satisfaction and ultimately revenue.

What is ILM-Identity life cycle management?

ILM is the fuzz word which indicates the collection of technologies and business processes which are utilized in creating,managing and restricting the identification access of the business information. ILM is just the other word for Identity access management(IAM).  ILM combines all the employee’s need to access business tools and data in order to effectively perform their tasks. It is also responsible for satisfying the need of removal of an employee’s access when he leaves the company.

Now I guess you got a rough idea about what is the purpose of this identity management systems and why one need a Identity life cycle management solution. So implement this buzzing trend in your business and share your experience in the comment box below.



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