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User Experience for a Corporation Websites

Hi Again.
Hello There..
Hi, How are you?

Felt annoyed? Well… I too was. Why it felt annoying? The answer is simple, a single person greeting you multiple times, in different ways. It’s like meeting an attractive colleague sitting next to next cabinet and having greeted every time you make eye contact.. Now she’s not attractive…Right ?!

So where and when are we relating to a corporation’s websites?…Now !

For understanding how Corporation Websites works let’s get to the root of a corporation. What is a Corporation? According to wikipedia, a corporation is a large company or group of companies authorized to act as a single entity and recognized as such in law.

That means a parent company with lot’s of child companies under it, just like P&G.

Let’s take P&G as a base to explain upcoming examples and methods.


If se see web properties or websites owned by a corporation, they can be of different niche, or category but are owned by a single corporation. Activities like buying, submitting enquiry, downloading, sign-in/up’s, are monitored and affecting the corporation.

P&G is a corporation and it owns world’s best brands like Olay, Duracell, Tide, Gillette, CoverGirl, 007 Men’s Fragrances etc. These brands have their own web properties, some of them include a separate “shop online” section, where you can directly purchase any of their products.

Let’s assume a group of such websites, owned by a corporation, with different niches or products and are linked to each other.

User Experience: How a customer generally interacts and wants things to be.

The very first impression is the example I gave in the beginning…Attractive colleague !

How do you feel if you visit a website, log-in and switch to another site which is owned by same corporation and again it asks for log-in.  Not Attractive Anymore huh..!

This is a very common UX mistakes a corporation does. The solution to this problem is to implement Web Single Sign On. Web SSO connects all the website’s authentication process to a single channel. So users need not to log-in multiple times they visit SSO implemented/connected websites.
It maintains user flow, decreasing customer’s drop off rate, and provides seamless login flow.


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